• Dash (DSHUSD on xStation) could take advantage of a new sponsorship offer
  • Russian deputy PM supports a state-backed cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin (BTCUSD) nears its all-time high making $5,000 yet more probable

Dash has been growing quite considerably over the course of recent hours and that move has been propped up by the news that Max Keiser, an American broadcaster and film maker, is going to asking Dash to contribute $500,000 towards his forthcoming TV show “The Great American Pilgrimage.” Together with Stephen Baldwin, Keiser intends to shoot 16 episodes of a road trip in which he quizzes the US public on their political motivations.

He added that ’his goal on this epic journey is to continue waking people up to cryptocurrencies – like the Keiser Report’s been doing since 2011 when Bitcoin was at $3. Global finance needs to be re-imagined and rebuilt and Dash is on the forefront of this revolution’. In turn, Dash PR director suggested that ’we’re making history right now with this sponsorship’. It’s also the largest budget proposal in Blockchain ever. Undoubtedly, that kind of events could broaden Dash’s popularity.

link do file download linkDash holds onto its uptrend and even hastens its gains. Another target to eye on could be placed at $333. Source: xStation5

We’ve written quite a great deal recently about Russian regulations on cryptocurrencies. There is another story today which could be beneficial for all digital currencies. Namely, First Deputy PM Igor Shuvalov said that he is in favor of a “crypto-ruble” adding that this theme will develop but it should develop in such a way that the national economy cannot be put under attack, but rather make it stronger. It could be seen as a subsequent small step towards a fully-regulated cryptocurrency market in Russia.

link do file download linkMeantime, Bitcoin is slowly but surely pushing forward and could breach its all-time high in the nearest future. Then, if buyers are able to maintain above $4460, a road towards $4750 seems to be quite even. Thus, we’re stubbornly approaching in a way a peculiar $5000 level, which has been already envisaged many times by then. Source: xStation5