The EURUSD has been in a retreat so far as the US dollar has gotten back some of its appeal. It’s worth mentioning that the greenback has been the strongest currency in the G10 as of yet albeit the upcoming data could reverse or hasten that move. Better performance of the USD has emerged despite an improvement in risk sentiment which has buoyed the Antipodean currencies earlier today.

Today is a big day for the euro and thereby the European indices as well mainly owing to the inflation print coming from Germany. On the other hand, needless to say that Wall Street decisively played down possible risks stemming from the North Korea’s ballistic missile test which took place yesterday. For that reason, the European equity markets have kicked off the day with upbeat spirits.

Pyongyang reminded the World and the markets that it’s not going to seat quiet and just digest the August UN sanctions. The latest missile test and shows that the Korean threat cannot be neglected. But investors cannot wait years for a resolve and this explains why an initial panic was contained so quickly. In this analysis we take a look at 3 markets that could see a turnaround and also discuss how the situation around the Korean peninsula could evolve.

The latest hours have been exceptionally calm with regard to the major cryptocurrencies. We’ve already accustomed to wild volatility and amazing swings but there are benign sessions from time to time. Anyway, even as the price action has been dormant of late, it doesn’t mean that some larger moves could occur in the nearest future. Ethereum could be the most exposed to a decline among its major peers as the technical view might suggest.

Two past days were quite light in terms of an amount of important macroeconomic releases. Nonetheless, things are going to change today when several noteworthy readings are put into the calendar. As a result, the EURUSD and oil-related currencies could be the most volatile ones.