A YouGov poll late last night which showed that the Conservatives lead over Labour had slipped and that the incumbent party could end up losing their majority in parliament caused some weakness in the pound which was also felt this morning as GBP began the European session on the back foot. 

Since then however there has been something of a recovery for GBP, aided by another poll.

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 The most recent Kanter poll has shown a lead of 10 percentage points over labour, compared to 8% last week. Whilst there has been a narrowing of polls in recent weeks the YouGov one was the first to suggest that the Tory majority would be lost. The poll itself also had a wide margin of error with the average of a range from 274 to 345 seats giving the 310 figure which would see the government lose its majority. 

With Britons heading to the polls a week tomorrow, GBP in particular appears highly sensitive to the latest polls and any significant variations in surveys in the coming days will have the ability to impact the market.