• GBP surged as UK bowed to EU demands on the Brexit divorce bill
  • US Senate Budget Committee advances the US tax bill, the move which props up USD and US stocks
  • Bitcoin (BTCUSD on xStation5) has already topped $10,000

It was remarkably tumultuous Tuesday’s afternoon on the British pound as it soared, collapsed and then surged again on the newest revelations surrounding Brexit. Notice that the first report said that the UK had agreed to pay the Brexit divorce bill which saw the pound rising substantially, however the move was pared back thereafter as the UK government denied it. Nevertheless, EU sources claimed afterward that Britain has offered to pay much of what the European Union was demanding in order to settle the Brexit divorce bill. According to British newspapers the offer totals around 50 billion EUR, however there has been no final agreement yet. This move could help push Brexit talks forward which is crucial given that we’re getting closer to the date set by the EU (4 December) when a significant progress needs to be made in order to continue negotiations. As a result the GBPUSD soared from its daily low at 1.3220 to below 1.3390. As for now one may notice that upward momentum has been retained as the pair is still hovering close to 1.34. The nearest target for bulls could be set at 1.3460 where a more notable resistance zone is placed.

link do file download linkThe GBPUSD has managed to defend its support line and it seems that it could keep on increasing toward 1.3460. Source: xStation5

In turn the US dollar along with the US stocks gained momentum on Tuesday as the US Senate Budget Committee advanced narrowly the tax bill setting the stage for the crucial voting in the Senate tomorrow where Republicans hold just a slim majority, hence it might be a hard nut to crack to pass it. The Senate Budget Committee voted 12-11 in favor of the bill which aims to overhaul the US tax system. Keep in mind that the US House of Representative passed its version of tax legislation earlier in November and the two chambers have to agree on a final version before it goes to President Donald Trump for a signature. In a response to the voting the US dollar climbed while the US equities surged alike. The SP500 (US500) and the Dow Jones (US30) moved up 1% while the NASDAQ (US100) picked up 0.5%.

link do file download linkUS500 soared on Tuesday following passage of the tax bill by the US Senate Budget Committee. Buyers could eye 2650 points as their closest goal, this resistance is also underpinned by an upper boundary of an upward channel. Source: xStation5

Meantime Bitcoin (BTCUSD) has smashed its magic barrier placed at $10,000 and it’s established a new all-time high above $10,800 which represents a 10% jump in the latest 24 hours. After a stunning rally the Bitcoin price slumped 700$ in 30 minutes but it’s uninterruptedly moving above $10,000.

link do file download linkBitcoin topped $10,000 setting its new all-time high close to $11,000. Source: xStation5