• Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro declares the country raised over $3 billion via the Petro pre-sale
  • Leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange launches 23 crypto-to-crypto trading
  • Solar farm to power virtual currency mining in Western Australia

We have already written several times about the Venezuelan unconventional way to bypass sanctions imposed by the United States. The way has been the Petro, the Venezuelan own digital currency backed by crude oil, which has helped the South American country raise over $3 billion according to the latest statement announced by President Nicolas Maduro. At the same time he proclaimed the end of the Petro pre-sale, and certified as much as 16 cryptocurrency exchanges he hopes will start listing his country’s new virtual currency. During his speech in Caracas last week Maduro said “The certification of these 16 exchanges is a demonstration of confidence in the system of the Petro, as a cryptocurrency, and will allow liquidity and solid transactional volume”. Although Venezuelan President expressed his willingness to make the Petro adopted by some crypto exchanges, neither of them has agreed to list the Petro thus far.

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Dash failed to break above its local peaks, thus a possible pullback toward a demand zone seems to be possible. Once some bullish candlesticks occur there, a long position could be worth considering. Source: xStation5 

Leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange launches 23 crypto-to-crypto trading

Koinex is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in India and it’s made a major step of late launching crypto-to-crypto trading for 23 pairs with zero fees. The company wrote in its official statement after the decision “We are going live with not just one or two crypto-crypto pairs; we are launching a total of 15 token pairs, all at the same time!…This is the largest crypto-crypto pair offering by any Indian exchange and to add to this, the trading fees will be zero”. After this move the exchange added subsequent 8 pairs on Saturday. The service includes the most traded virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. Let us notice that earlier last week the same step was taken by another Indian exchange Zebpay, but it concerned only one trading pair. 

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After Ethereum successfully testes its defense line nearby $620 it bounced back and it could be setting the stage for a larger rebound in the nearest future. Source: xStation5

Solar farm to power virtual currency mining in Western Australia

Have you ever been short of electricity when you’ve mined cryptocurrencies? Do consider a launch of a solar farm! That kind of facility has bene recently launched in Western Australia in a rural town (Collie) situated 213 kilometers south of the Perth. The solar farm has astonishing power of 20MW and has been designed to power both crypto mining activities and a data centre in Collie.