• Bitcoin (BITCOIN on xStation5) has risen roughly 10% since yesterday!

  • IBM and Columbia University have opened Blockchain Research Center

  • The cryptocurrency enthusiast will be on the top of Goldman Sachs

Cryptocurrencies have been constantly advancing throughout past few days and today is no different. Over the past 24 hours major cryptocurrencies posted incredible gains. The capitalization of the whole market sits a notch above $265 billion while the capitalization excluding the most famous cryptocurrency stands below $170 billion. What’s more, IBM and Columbia University set up a new blockchain research center, and David Solomon, a moderate crypto enthusiast, will become the new CEO of Goldman Sachs. 

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The most famous virtual coin has surged above $7300 handle bringing Bitcoin price to the 5-week highs. . The latest price action suggests that calmness may have arrived at this market. Nevertheless, we may see next surprises in case some positive news concerning the coin surface in the nearby future. Source: xStation5

IBM, a technology giant, and Columbia University, one of the best universities in the world, partnered to conduct a blockchain research. These two research behemoths launched a blockchain research center in the Manhattan campus of Columbia University. The idea is to integrate a Columbia University’s academic knowledge with IBM’s professional knowledge. A synergy obtained this way would enable creation of advanced blockchain applications. This news is another sign showing academic world looks more and more eagerly at the potential of the new technology.

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ETHEREUM, just like other major virtual coins, has been marching higher during past few days. After significant gains accounted yesterday and today, Ether, the cryptocurrency with the second biggest capitalization, is taking a minor step back. The coin is testing the support level localized a notch above the level of the July’s highs at press time. Source: xStation5

Goldman Sachs has appointed a new CEO. David Solomon, who will lead the company from October 1 effectively, will replace Lloyd Blankfein, a current CEO, after 12 years. The news may be especially pleasing for the cryptocurrency market as Solomon has made some upbeat crypto remarks in the past. Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world, has been showing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for some time already. Having said that, the company may be set to consider implementing blockchain solutions to boost its effectiveness.