• Andrew Yang, a Democratic presidential candidate, accepts crypto donations
  • Hitachi, a Japan tech giant, tests a blockchain-based system
  • Bitcoin (BITCOIN on xStation5) moves slightly above a $8200 handle

Bitcoin is settling down on Thursday. However, altcoins are moving in the different  direction compared to the most famous cryptocurrency. The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has broken a $300 billion level while the Bitcoin market cap sits subtly above $160 billion. The first interesting news we are writing about today comes from the US where a Democratic presidential candidate tweeted that is accepting crypto donations. In turn, the second story concerns the newest Hitachi’s idea.

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BITCOIN is treading water around a $8200 handle. The latest bulls’ rally could have probably been ended, and neither bulls nor bears are clearly dominating in the Bitcoin market. This week’s situation is quite similar to that experienced a few days ago. Could we witness range trading till the end of the week? Source: xStation5

As we mentioned above, Andrew Yang, a Democratic candidate for 2020 US presidential elections, announced that he would be accepting cryptocurrency donations. Donations could be offered in Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other coins.. 43-years-old entrepreneur Yang has worked in startups and early stage growth companies for nearly 20 years. The Democratic candidate is not the first one coming up with such an idea.Perhaps, we will see more similar projects in the future which, in theory, could be virtual currencies supportive.

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RIPPLE, unlike Bitcoin, has not experienced large gains. In general, this altcoin has not been noticeably volatile since Monday. RIPPLE is trying to break the probable resistance level around $0.465 at press time. The coin is moving above the 8- and 33-period moving averages on the H4 interval (yellow and purple lines on the chart). A clear breakout of the resistance level (the blue rectangle) could result in further upward moves. Source: xStation5

Moving to Asia it’s worth mentioning two major Japanese companies, Hitachi and KDDI, which are testing a blockchain-based system. The system could settle retail payments. What’s interesting, the blockchain-based system could be used via fingerprints. Note that Hitachi is another large company interesting in implementing a blockchain-based system. During the last few weeks we could have heard about similar stories all over the world. As one may see blockchain is becoming more and more popular among gigantic companies.

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LITECOIN, another altcoin, is oscillating a notch above a $85 handle at the time of preparing of this analysis. However, the virtual coin is unlikely to jump over last week’s high. Source: xStation5